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Unsure what to pack?

Pack too much and end up using only half of it?​

Worried you'll leave something important behind?

Packing list v3 - square

Know EXACTLY what to pack -
AND what to leave at home.

Become a PACKING PRO with our easy-to-use packing list.​

It's interactive so you can tick the items as you go.​

Plus there's space to add your must-have items.

Hi, we're Bridget Hallam and Alan Cox

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Two Europe tours
+ countless Aussie adventures on one bike sure have taught us a thing or two about packing.

Together we've ridden over 130,000 km two-up in Australia and Europe, on our 2008 BMW R1200GS named Beauty.

In 2019 we shipped Beauty from Sydney to Barcelona and rode 27,000 km over 24 weeks through 26 countries, from Morocco to Norway and from Portugal to the Black Sea, crisscrossing many amazing countries in between.


We've just completed our second European tour, this time shipping Beauty from Melbourne to London. We started at the popular Adventure Bike Rider Festival in the UK and then rode east through the French, Swiss and Italian Alps, the Balkans, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkiye, Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Packing list v3 - square

This is our packing list that we use for all our adventures
you can have it for FREE!


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