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navigation files for your books

Navigation device showing a road with many hairpin bends

GPX and ITN (TomTom) navigation files are available for all the rides in Throw Your Leg Over Tasmania and Throw Your Leg Over South East Queensland & Northern New South Wales.

If you purchased your book from a stockist, email us your proof of purchase and we'll send you the navigation files for free.


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Map of motorcycle ride route

Get 50% off any MyRoute-app navigation product when you buy a Throw Your Leg Over book!

Alan has been using MyRoute-app's Gold subscription to plan and navigate our rides for over three years now.

Check out our blog for his review.

To get your unique code, select 'Yes please' for the MyRoute-app at the checkout.

Then go to MyRoute-app's website, choose your preferred navigation product and use your unique code at their checkout to get 50% off.

Happy navigating!

FREE packing list for your next motorcycle adventure

Woman standing next to a motorcycle Saint-Colomban-des-Villards in France

Saint-Colomban-des-Villards, France

45.293814, 6.226160

featured in Throw Your Leg Over Europe

Not sure what to pack?

Always forget something?

Panniers bulging with too much stuff?

Get your free interactive PDF packing list here and become a packing pro!

FREE interactive packing list for motorcycle adventures

 FREE Schengen calculator for your European motorcycle adventure

Man and woman standing next to a motorcycle at Grossglockner in Austria

Grossglockner, Austria

47.123535, 12.831348

featured in Throw Your Leg Over Europe

Not sure what Schengen is all about? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

The Schengen area in Europe is made up of 26 countries, and there are no border crossing checks between these countries, which is awesome.

But ... you can only stay within the Schengen area for 90 days in a 180 day period, which isn't awesome - and they take breaches seriously.

Alan's created a handy Schengen calculator so you can instantly calculate if your European motorcycle adventure will be impacted by Schengen.

Simply input the countries you want to ride into the spreadsheet, with the dates you will enter and exit.

It will instantly calculate how many days you will be in the Schengen area.

Too easy!

Throw Your Leg Over Schengen calculator