Throw Your Leg Over Europe


PDF version x 24 instalments

  • TYLO Europe (PDF)

    'Throw Your Leg Over Europe' interactive PDF
    • Essential info to plan your European motorcycle adventure
    • Covers 46 countries including Scandinavia, UK and Morocco
    • Shipping your motorcycle vs renting vs buying
    • Going your own way vs guided tours
    • Must-have documentation
    • Checklists to make your preparations a breeze
    • Maps and important info for each country
    • Handy info for riding in each country
    • Bridget and Alan's favourite rides from our Europe tour
    • Stunning ride routes including waypoints for your navigation
    • Spectacular images of rides and scenery
    • Instant access to GPX and ITN files for all our rides
    • And much more!
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    TYLO Europe Ed1 - Front cover with grey