Soft fleecy-lined sweatshirt for your winter rides.


Easy fit over your thermals.


  • Loose fit

  • 50% cotton, 50% polyester

  • Medium fabric (271.25 g/m²)

  • Sewn in label

  • Runs true to size


SIZING TIP: Lay your favourite hoodie or sweatshirt flat and measure from underarm to underarm - this will give you your width measurement.


Width  S 50.8cm  M 55.9cm  L 61cm  XL 66cm  2XL 71.1cm  3XL 76.2cm  4XL 81.3cm  5XL 86.4cm


Length  S 66cm  M 68.5cm  L 71.1cm  XL 73.6cm  2XL 76.2cm  3XL 78.7cm  4XL 81.2cm  5XL 83.8cm


Sleeve  S 50.8cm  M 53.4cm  L 55.9cm  XL 58.4cm  2XL 61cm  3XL 63.5cm  4XL 66.1cm  5XL 68.6cm

unisex sweatshirt


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