our story

Hi, we're Bridget Hallam and Alan Cox.

Riding motorcycles and exploring new roads is our happy place.

Our Throw Your Leg Over story started on a weekend away in 2016.

While shooting the breeze about all the awesome roads we'd discovered, a friend suggested we write a book. So we did!

By the time we got home, we had the concept, the name and a whole lotta enthusiasm!

We busily listed all our favourite rides, sifted through thousands of our photos and played around with the format until we were happy with it.

Bridget taught herself Adobe InDesign by watching YouTube videos so she could do the book design.

Lastly, we realised that a using publisher wouldn't match what we wanted to do, so instead we found a local printer and self-published.

After Fifteen months, Throw Your Leg Over South East Queensland & Northern New South Wales was born!

We had no idea if we’d sell a single book - eek!

But you welcomed us with open arms, which we appreciate so much.

And so our Throw Your Leg Over journey began ... with Throw Your Leg Over TasmaniaThrow Your Leg Over Europe and edition 2 of Throw Your Leg Over South East Queensland & Northern New South Wales released into the world!

Come and join our community.​

Bridget & Alan

meet Beauty


Beauty is our 2008 BMW R 1200 GS.

I (Alan) bought her in March 2011 when I was living in Adelaide. She had a mere 8,000 km on her, and the guy selling her needed cash fast and priced her at $7,000 less than market value.

He brought her out to my place for a test ride and we did the deal that afternoon. A few days later, she was in my garage.

Back then, these bikes were the pinnacle of adventure bikes (still are, in my view). You can load them up and take off for far distant places, cruising effortlessly on both sealed and gravel roads.

adventures together

Bridget and I met in 2012 and our adventures on Beauty quickly became an important part of our lives.

We now have over 120,000 km on her and have explored many areas in Australia, Europe and Morocco.


Straight after I got her, I added Hepco and Becker upper and lower crash bars and aluminium panniers (mine being 35 litres and Bridget’s 40 litres).

She's had a few additions since then, to make her our ultimate touring machine:

  • Nelson Rigg 1045 Tank Bag

  • Stedi spotlights

  • Kreiga 6 litre adventure packs

  • Wilbers upgrade rear suspension

  • GSA windscreen

  • Storage tubes I made out of storm water pipe

Before we head back to Europe, I will upgrade her front suspension, but apart from that, there’s nothing much else I would do.


Mechanically, the only issue she had was a final drive replacement at 72,000 km. Towards the end of our Europe trip, the replacement final drive developed a leak, which on return to Australia turned out to be a bearing failure. BMW replaced this drive for a new one with no charge, as it was still under warranty.

more adventures

We have a friend in Portugal whose 2010 GSA has over 400,000 km on it. Beauty is barely run in compared to this!

We’ll be having more adventures on her for a long time yet.