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Motorcycle adventure free resources


packing list for your motorcycle adventures

Motorcycle adventure free resources
become a packing pro

Are you unsure what to pack?

Pack too much and end up using only half of it?

Worried you'll leave something important behind?

Become a packing pro with our easy-to-use packing list.

it's the packing list we use for all our adventures!

It's interactive so you can tick the items as you go.

Plus there's space to add your must-have items.

complete your details + get your packing list

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Schengen calculator

Motorcycle Schengen calculator - landscape.jpgEurope
easily calculate your days in Europe's Schengen area

The Schengen area in Europe is made up of 27 countries, and there are no border crossing checks between these countries, which is awesome.

But ... you can only stay within the Schengen area for 90 days in a 180 day period, which isn't awesome - and they take breaches seriously.

Alan's created a handy Schengen calculator so you can instantly calculate if your European motorcycle adventure will be impacted by Schengen - too easy.

complete your details + get your 2024 Schengen calculator

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how to use MyRoute-app


Alan's used MyRoute-app navigation software for years to ​plan our rides.

Watch his overview of how to use MyRoute-app.


how to get 50% OFF

Get a 50% discount on MyRoute-app products when you order one of our books (paperback or digital).

Tick the box at the checkout and we'll send you a unique code to get your discount - too easy.

Motorcycle adventure free resources
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