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At Throw Your Leg Over

we're bike riders, explorers, adventure-seekers and lovers of life on the open road!

So grab your motorcycle, throw your leg over and come along for the ride!


the Throw Your Leg Over adventures include

  • a growing collection of awesome rides + routes

  • practical tips + resources for riders of all levels of experience

  • a series of books detailing regional rides (hard copy + digital formats)

  • a warm + welcoming community of riders with adventure in their hearts + exploring in their DNA

  • GPX + ITN navigation files for all the rides

  • calculators, lists + tips

  • an invitation to the open road!

FRANCE & ITALY - Grenoble - Aosta

join the Throw Your Leg Over Membership for all this + more!

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the Throw Your Leg Over Membership gives you ...

  • First access to new routes + rides

  • Handy tips, hints + hacks for your adventures

  • Access to GPX navigation files for individual rides - you get to cherry pick!

  • Access to a growing community of adventurous riders

  • Members-only discounts, savings + deals

  • Members-only discounts on books

  • Exclusive invitations to online events

the Throw Your Leg Over difference

  • All routes are tried, tested + tweaked​.

  • We are expert riders with years of adventuring experience.

  • Passion drives us to keep exploring + sharing.

  • Custom videos, photos, maps, navigation files + travel tips.​​

  • Personalised service + responsive communication - you're one of us!​​

  • First-hand research into the best rides.

  • A commitment to adventure + exploring this big world of ours - we take you along the roads of Australia + Europe.

  • New video blogs packed with info, tips, trips, hints, deals and more!

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books, books + more books! digital + paperback

books packed with awesome riding routes + opportunities for adventure


BONUSES when you buy a book

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featured video - our adventure story


Our adventures get even better when they're shared.


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