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across wide open plains.

Our mission is to open up the world to motorcyclists.

We write motorcycle touring guide books

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"Got the Tasmania book delivered today and it has already exceeded my expectations. It's an awesome book, so well laid out and the QR codes for the maps and videos are unbelievable. Well done on an excellent book 5 stars and some. PS the personal written note was the icing on the cake. Very highly recommended."

Craig F

"Bought TYLO's book - in microseconds, I had a brace of GPX files to back up the printed material. I'm a Vicco but hit the North a lot!! I am so impressed with this book - simple, honest, insightful and very welcoming for the uninitiated!! Having GPX'd half way round Europe totally solo, I can spot a seriously good resource. Great value and really helpful - this is certainly a seriously good resource!! My book arrived in the mail today - I already have 3 quick blats, 3 one dayers and a weekend on my "to do" list. Keep up the good work, Alan and Bridget!! PS - fancy a quick blat or two in "Mexico" (Vicco)????"

Greg G

"Excellent product and service.

Highly recommend.

I purchased two, one for me and one as a gift."

Peter K

"I purchased the book for my best friend for his Birthday. He is quite new to riding. Having given him this book I now feel he will explore more and get out there more. I myself will be purchasing a copy for myself shortly! The rides and information about them were amazing. Please do a book for Trips to Phillip Island from Brisbane!"

Kyle J

"The Team at Throw Your Leg Over have produced this fantastic guide, which will benefit all riders and riding groups, plan their own travels. Well written, excellent reviews and most of all easy to read and follow. This is a must buy for all motorcycle riders. #ridesafely4me is proud to be associated with Throw Your Leg Over."

Graham D