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What's a motorcycle membership, anyway?

Woman and man pointing to sign saying Throw Your Leg Over Membership

You've probably seen our Membership mentioned, if you've been hanging around in the Throw Your Leg Over world.

So what is this thing called a membership?

Memberships come in all shapes and sizes, and some are subscription-based (like ours) where you pay a fee to gain access to content or services.

You might already be subscribed to other memberships ... Netflix, Spotify and Amazon Prime are well-known examples.

Even insurance companies offer subscription-based memberships - roadside assistance, anyone?

why join a membership?

Well, there are a bunch of good reasons.

You might want access to exclusive stuff, like content or services.

You might want to get their exclusive discounts or go to their special events.

Or maybe you just want to connect with like-minded people and be part of a community.

So what does the Throw Your Leg Over membership offer?

We pack in a heap of practical information and inspiration for you:

1 > Gear In A Minute video blogs

We share inside info on the gear we use, how we use it, why we love it (or not so much, haha!), how much it costs and more.

2 > Life On The Road video blogs

We share tips and hacks we've learned (sometimes the hard way!) from our years of adventuring in Australia and Europe, that will make your adventures easier and more fun. :)

3 > a new ride in Australia

Awesome routes researched and ridden by us for you, to give you inspiration for your next adventure. We share pics, videos, maps, GPX files and more.

4 > a new ride in Europe

Same as above, for your European dream adventure. :)

5 > live Q&As

You have direct access to us every month - ask us any adventure-related in the live Q&A. Your fellow members will often give suggestions, too. :)

6 > all the rides from all our books

Yep, every single one of them are available for you to view in the library of rides.

7 > a community of riders who love adventure

If you're on the socials, join us in the 'Throw Your Leg Over Membership private group' where we chat about all things adventuring and you can share and ask questions. It's friendly and fun. :)

8 > exclusive BONUSES

Get access to exclusive bonuses, discounts and offers, plus first dibs on upcoming events - always good. :)

we'd love you to join us

The doors to the Throw Your Leg Over Membership open a couple of times a year.

So if you're looking for practical info on motorcycle adventuring and a bucket-load of inspiration - plus a friendly community of riders who share your passion for adventure - we'd love you to join us. :)

Leave us a comment or question below - we'd love to hear from you ...

Cheers! Bridget & Alan


How do we pack for 6 months on one bike?

Download our FREE interactive packing list.


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