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BEHIND THE SCENES: How we research rides for our motorcycle books

Motorcycle GPS screen showing a road ahead with many hairpin bends

How do we find the best rides for you, to feature in our Throw Your Leg Over books?

Well, the rides must have curvy roads and beautiful scenery.

They must go through interesting places.

And the only way to find this out is for us to ride them!

1 - Prep

Alan researches possible routes that could be cool to ride, either by searching for squiggly lines on maps or checking out a ride that someone has recommended.

He then creates the route in MyRoute-app by plotting the waypoints - avoiding highways as much as possible!

When Alan’s happy with the route, he transfers it onto our trusty (sometimes) ‘Timmy the TomTom’.

We put the batteries for Bridget’s handheld camera and the GoPro on charge … and then impatiently wait for a sunny day.

2 - Research

This is a fancy way of saying we go for a ride to check it out.

With the handheld camera in Bridget’s jacket pocket and Timmy and the GoPro mounted, we kick up Beauty’s side stand and cruise on out.

We’re looking to see how many twisties the route has, how many sweeping curves and how many flat straight stretches.

We want to know if the road is smooth or rough or has gravel parts.

We want to see if there’s a great spot to stop and take some pics.

We need to know if there are villages along the way where you can fuel up your stomach and, most importantly, your beautiful machine.

Most of all, we want to know if it’s fun to ride!

Bridget will take around 200 photos and videos, or maybe more - most of the road and scenery, some of Beauty and of course, the occasional selfie - haha!

Alan has a really cool device mounted on Beauty’s handlebars that allows him to control the GoPro remotely. This means he can turn it on if we’re coming up to some twisties or sweepers - and turn it off if we cruise up behind a car.

We want to give you a feel for the ride, before you do it.

3 - Review

When we get home, we sift through all the pics and videos from the day and pick our favourites. An involuntary “Wow!” or “Yes!” is a clue that a pic has captured an awesome moment.

Some pics are of the back of Alan’s blurry head and are summarily deleted, haha!

Will the ride make it into a future book?

If we had big grins on our faces during the ride, that’s a definite yes!

Finding the best rides for you takes preparation, execution and analysis - a tough job, but we’re happy to put in the hard yards to do it for you, haha!

Check out all our books at our online shop.

Cheers, Bridget and Alan


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