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GEAR REVIEW: Where to find great motorcycle riding gear for women

Riding gear for women that's comfortable and looks good ... sounds simple enough, right?

But aaaaaarrrrggghhh!

I (Bridget) know I'm not alone in my frustrations when trying to find riding gear that fits.

Of all the riding pants I've owned over the years, only one pair was for women.

Think about that for a second ... I'm a curvy girl but most of the women's riding pants I tried fit worse than the men's. What the ...?!!

Frustration level = 11/10.

Female motorcyclists posing in Norway with mountains in background

The good news

More retailers, existing and new, are paying serious attention to providing great riding gear for women.

Check out some of them here.

Peak Moto logo
Inside Peak Moto motorcycle shop

Peak Moto is a destination female motorcycle gear and accessories shop, nestled in the vibrant heart of South Melbourne, VIC.

Peak Moto's name symbolises their unwavering dedication to exploring new horizons, pushing boundaries, and embracing the exhilarating world of motorcycles.

Dedicated to catering to the needs of female riders, they specialise in premium-quality female motorcycle gear.

Their mission is to curate a collection of inclusive sizing from top-notch brands, ensuring that every rider can find their perfect fit.

They take pride in being the sole distributor of MotoGirl products, bringing the beloved brand to the doorstep of motorcycling enthusiasts across Australia and New Zealand.

Fempro Armour logo
Female motorcyclist wearing Fempro Armour

Fempro Armour is exceptional female chest and body armour and complementary apparel, created to fill the huge gap in the market of female protection.

Stephanie Bofinger's journey with Fempro Armour started when she rode her dirt bike through the Simpson Desert in 2019 with a bunch of female riders to raise money for Dollies Dream, and discovered that her frustrations with protective gear was shared by them, too.

Fempro Armour is soft and pliable and becomes even softer and more pliable as your body temperature warms it up.

It's lightweight and durable and best of all, is suitable for ladies from A to DD and beyond!

Flying Solo Gear Co logo
Woman standing behind motorcycle

Flying Solo Gear Co is a community-driven small business specialising in motorcycle bags co-designed with riders like you.

Flying Solo is proudly female-owned and operated by Amanda Phoenix, with a vision to make great gear for every rider.

She values transparency, inclusivity and female empowerment.

Tribal Moto logo
Motorcyclist riding + words saying Do what you love ... there is no better time.

Annya Summers founded TribalMoto in July 2021, soon after joining the East Coast Female Riders as a new rider.

With a passion for design and motorbikes, Annya provides female riders with casual motorbike-related garments they feel great in and that tell their story.

Her inspiration comes from her surroundings, the ladies she rides with every day - her tribe - and her designs are available through TribalMoto's online store and the occasional market stall.

Annya is also a BloodBikes Australia volunteer, a mother, a partner and of course, a passionate motorbike rider!

RACE AND ROAD Motorcycle Gear Experts logo
Many racks of motorcycle apparel

Lisa Campbell is the CEO of Australian superstore, RACE and ROAD – the home of Ricondi and the worlds’ biggest brands.

She is extremely passionate about safety gear and can’t stand ill-fitting gear, specialising in ladies' safety and caters for all shapes and sizes, with correct fitment, comfort and protection at the forefront. From a huge range of ‘off the rack’ to custom, she’s got solutions for EVERY-body.

Lisa believes that women don’t need to wear men's gear. Women have more options with their safety gear than ever before and all can be found at RACE and ROAD.

MotoEst logo
Motorcycle gloves and jackets for women

Moto Est. is a proud small business based in Naarm (Melbourne), run by a tight-knit crew of women with an unhealthy obsession for all things moto. Back in 2016 Moto Femmes was created; a sacred and judgment free space for womxn to find purpose-built gear that ticks the safety box AND fits into your everyday wardrobe. A few years on, Moto Femmes evolved into Moto Establishment AKA Moto Est.; an inclusive store for all lovers of two wheels, offering the best gear, education and culture with a continued focus towards womxn who ride.

Visit their Moto Femmes Showroom in Collingwood for a one-on-one shopping experience or shop online where they deliver worldwide!

Risky Co logo
Female motorcyclist sitting on a motorcycle wearing Risky Co apparel

Stand out from the crowd, ladies!

Risky Co started with ramps and no idea how to hit them, on the streets and dirt of Queensland's Gold Coast.

April Vaughan, Risky Co's creator / owner, has been lucky enough to surround herself with some of the world’s leading action-sport athletes getting her into situations where you can either sit back and watch or ... live a little.

She was sick of the stereotypical pink MX Gear and baggy men's gear, so created Risky Co's own entire lifestyle range including a women's only MX range for the girls out there giving life a go and getting out there and actually living it, even if it does involve risk.

So live a little.... Risky. :)

Merla Moto logo
Two female motorcyclists standing with motorcycle in foreground

“Riding a motorcycle frees the spirit – you can find peace, seek out adventure, dare to be yourself. Your motorcycle gear should not only provide protection, it should amplify your spirit and your style,” says Belinda McPhee, Merla Moto's founder and managing director.

Whether you’re an everyday rider, a leisurely weekend enthusiast or a thrill-chasing adventurer, Merla Moto offers the protection you need with the style you want.

Starting with women's motorcycle jackets, Merla Moto offers a complete range head to toe with leather boots, jeans, t-shirts, jackets, caps and other accessories.

Merla Moto has a team largely made up of female motorcyclists and is now regarded as one of the leading female motorcycle brands in the world.

Foxy Rider logo
Rack of motorcycle jackets and apparel for women

Kylie is a curvy woman who has been riding for about 5 years, but she struggled to find motorcycle gear that fit properly in her local Sydney area.

Foxy Rider was born when Kylie decided to become a MotoGirl dealer.

Foxy Rider stocks a large selection of jackets in different colours and at least 6 different pants styles, which have multiple colours and height lengths.

Foxy Rider also have some Flying Solo Gear Co accessories.

Kylie's happy to order items in for you, if she doesn't have it in stock.

Foxy Rider is a home business with set opening hours and some out-of-hours appointment times.


Happy riding and shopping!

See you on the road ...

Bridget & Alan

PS - If you sell gear designed for female riders and are interested in having your business listed here, we'd love to hear from you.


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