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HOW TO: Take a Google Maps preview to navigate a route on your phone

Have you ever created a route in Google Maps and then when you've opened it on your phone, you can only see a preview? These tips will help you take the preview and turn it to the navigation function.

Step 1 - Open the route on your phone that you have scanned or created in Google Maps.

Step 2 - Click on the 3 vertical dots, select “Edit stops”. Note: this will only work if there are less than 10 stops listed.

If 10 stops are listed, you must delete one.

Step 3 - Select “Choose destination”

Step 4 - Choose “Your location”

Step 5 - Hold your finger on the 2 dashes next to “Your location” and slowly drag it to the top of the stops.

Step 6 - Click “Finished”

Step 7 - “Start” should now be visible.

To avoid highways, motorways, etc select “Options” and make your choices.

To commence your journey from your current location, select “Start”

Step 8 - Follow Google Map’s instructions and enjoy the ride.


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