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GEAR REVIEW: MyRoute-app navigation

Best Of All Lookout ride route

There are plenty of navigation apps out there, so which one should you choose?

We have used MyRoute-app for several years to plan our rides in Australia and Europe, so get ready - we're about to share our experience of using the Gold subscription.

Check out the exclusive offer at the end of this blog!

MyRoute-app makes it easy to create routes with hundreds of waypoints for each ride - so there's no chance you'll get lost!

The Points Of Interest feature gives you instant visibility of fuel stops, campgrounds, hotels, attractions and so much more. This is especially useful for us when we're in an unfamiliar area. Get creative and choose different colours for your waypoints to reflect the POI you’ve chosen.

The toolkit allows you to avoid toll roads, highways, unpaved roads etc, and you can even disable the seasonal closures feature - essential for us when we're planning rides in snow-affected areas.

And if you want to know the dizzy heights you're going to reach, simply click the 'heightgraph' symbol to see the elevation of your route.

You can create routes in OpenStreetMaps, TomTom or HERE (MRA Navigation/Garmin) formats. HERE is our favourite because it shows the topography - all the better for finding twisties!

Exporting your routes will suit any navigation device - simply choose your files to be gpx, itn, tpf, trf, kml, kmz - the list goes on.

If organising makes your OCD-self happy, like us, you can easily create folders for your routes and even share them with friends or make them public within the MyRoute-app universe.

MyRoute-app is easy to use and makes planning a breeze. Check out how we use it to research rides for our books.

Comprehensive points of interest to choose from

Exclusive offer!

We’ve teamed up with MyRoute-app who have generously offered a discount of 50% - yes, that's 50% - on any MyRoute-app products when you buy a Throw Your Leg Over book!

Too many is never enough, so take your pick from MyRoute-app's expansive suite of products:

MRA Routeplanner

MRA Navigation

We don’t receive any commission for this - the savings go straight to you!

When you buy a book from our online shop, simply select the MyRoute-app option at the checkout, and we'll send you a unique code to redeem on the MyRoute-app website.

If you buy Throw Your Leg Over Europe (PDF series), look for the button that says request MyRoute-app discount.

If you buy a book from one of our stockists, simply send us proof of purchase and we'll send you your code.

Happy navigating!

Cheers, Bridget & Alan

Fine print: For the past three years, we have purchased our annual MyRoute-app Gold subscription.


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Is MyRoute compatible with iMac (11.6.5) and TomTom Rider 55o? I need to set multiple stops on my route through Italy

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Risposta a

Hi Paul. Definitely compatible with TomTom 550. We use the 450. Not sure about iMac, but will ask and come back to you. Cheers. Alan

Mi piace
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